FUTO FAB – Serving the Grassroots Motorsports Enthusiast since 1988

Serving the Grassroots Motorsports Enthusiast since 1988

Serving the Grassroots Motorsports Enthusiast since 1988

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About FutoFab

Our History

FutoFab began with Dave Patten and his long time friend, Drew Young needing roll cages for their own racecars back in the mid 1980's. After building roll cages for their own SCCA road race cars word got out of their abilities. This quickly turned into a part-time job doing the same for a number of other local club racers. As interest in their services grew and time commitments became more demanding, Dave took on a more active role, becoming sole operator of FutoFab. Eventually dozens of cars received FutoFab roll cages with work expanding into suspension and tube chassis design and fabrication.

Today FutoFab is solely owned and operated by Dave Patten. Dave has personally raced Datsuns for over 3 decades and while the origins of FutoFab are in roll cage/chassis construction it has evolved largely into a Datsun aftermarket product line. Today we sell composite parts crafted from our molds, steel reproduction body panels, adjustable suspension components, auto accessories and a complete line of classic wheels for Datsuns and other classic import models.

FutoFab? Where did that name come from?

Back when FutoFab first started it was based out of Drew Young’s garage. Both of us were out of shape and overweight. Most of the vehicles we put roll cages in were small unibody sportscars and sub compact imports. It was kind of amusing to watch us try to contort into a decent welding position or get good measurements inside one of these small cars as working room kept decreasing with the more roll cage bars we welded in.

Whenever we were close to finishing a roll cage project we would start lamenting about how difficult it was to move around inside all the tubing. Ultimately we came to the self realization that we weren't as young or as thin as we once were.

So the name FutoFab is really an acronym/abbreviation of that self image. It stands for Fat, Ugly, Tired and Old Fabricators and that is how the name FutoFab came to be. (Little did we know how accurate that name would be 25 years later...)


Home // About Us
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